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Steffan+Christy=Eliza and Scarlet :)

i was in shock this entire shoot – i kept looking around like movie producers were staging something – was i shooting a perfume commercial? this family was AMAZING!!!! the girls were so comfortable having their pictures taken as were christy and steffan – it was a complete dream. even with a later shoot time and super bright sun, it wasn’t harsh like back home – it was….the beach – it was the feeling you get on summer vacation – it was perfection. i was literally finished in under an hour. i walked away in a daze. what else can i say??? did i mention it was perfection? ┬áthe end was the kicker too – halfway through shooting, the girls asked “can we do it now?” and they received a smile and a nod from their parents and off went their dresses as they ran into the waves with limbs and hair flying. i turned and said “can i photograph them in their underwear?!” and they said definitely! i got some of the coolest pictures ever of these girls being EXACTLY who they are and i know their family album will showcase them and their future wedding slideshows will contain them and well – the memory of them being free will forever be cherished :). i didn’t post them because well…it’s the internet and i’m protective. but you can imagine the nostalgia and total joy of being a kid again. heck yes. this is why i do what i do.

no, i did NOT photoshop her eyes. wowza! (ps i’m told most of her pics have her eyes closed – so yay for wide eyed beauty in this one!)

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