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shannon and brendan

i’m superDUPER excited to post this couple for a few reasons…a) i miss blogging sooooo much b) i freaking love these images c) we are friends with this amazing couple and d) coolest thing of all, mike shot these with me! – win win win and WINNNNNNN. ok i got that out of my system. what a fun freaking evening. love shooting friends – it means you can pause for a 6 pack mid-shoot. no big deal. ;)

starting with my favorite image – other than one of mike’s ridiculous images… you’ll see…

mike’s shot below :)

the one on the right is mine…wait for it, wait for it…..

and here’s mike’s shot! seriously? a little friendly competition, you punk?? LOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!

my shot below :)and mike’s shot. he totally nailed it again. i officially love shooting with mike!

thanks for putting up with us guys!! xoxoxo

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