Funk Lab Dance Crews!!!!

i was feeling funky today and not in an i didn’t shower kind of way, so i wanted to post some funky gansta stuffView full post »

kenzie :)

ohhhh kenzie – you were a trip :). so when i first meet people, i generally feel as if we are already friends &#View full post »

happy valentine’s day!

hope you’re spending it with your loved ones! just had to post a few pics of my godson and his girlfriend :). donView full post »

rhea (ray a sunshine) :) -and she was!

have i ever mentioned how much i love my senior girls? well i’m mentioning it again. i was on a week long HIGHView full post »


booyah. that is all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (oh and one more thing, i might blow like 10 of these up for myself. even if thatView full post »

Randall+Tiffany=Ethan & Madison :)

i am way too comfortable with this family :). i think that’s a good thing though. i can not see them for an entireView full post »

SAN DIEGO for 3 months!

we are living in san diego for a couple of months, working from a studio apartment in pacific beach :). it’s tooView full post »

Justin+Allison=Grace, Madelyn & Noah :)

while i love this family, i’m not gonna lie – even they would admit it was a disaster :). like emergencyView full post »

Steffan+Christy=Eliza and Scarlet :)

i was in shock this entire shoot – i kept looking around like movie producers were staging something – was iView full post »