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our baby’s first hair cut!!!

croix got his first haircut today!!!!!!!! mike spotted this amazing little vintage looking barber shop in PB (pacific beach) and we both agreed it was a MUST!!!! and we got the COOLEST stylist/hairdresser person EVER! anyway, i know he’s not a year old yet, but croix’s hair was so long it was looking a bit ridiculous, so we went ahead and cut it, 10 days before his big first birthday. :) i know i know, you’re not supposed to, but i’m sooooooo glad we did. he looks adorable!!! (in my completely unbiased opinion) :). here’s our little tiny man -all dapper dan!!!!!!!!

and as you’ll notice, mommy did not take these fabulous pictures – DADDY DID! here’s some of mike’s incredible handiwork :). 

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