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nick & janae

i want to just type “no words…” all dramatic like and leave it at that, but i can’t. this couple. holy cow. they found me when they lived in south dakota. they googled dayton ohio photographers and landed on me. I’M THE LUCKIEST. what a freaking match made in heaven. yes them – they are definitely a match (you’ll see in a minute), but i mean them and me. everything just collided into a ridiculous magical spark. but it didn’t start off magical… we had planned a killer shoot and then a massive black cloud of storm hell hovered over my car as i waited for them to arrive but then it slowly moved east, uncovering the most glorious light and sun and beauty. i can’t even….. it was still mid 90s and 500000000% humidity so within 30 minutes we were dying to get in the water. it was the theme of the shoot after they told me their love story and how they met at a lake, so we knew we were getting in. and we knew we were getting sexy. but they were committed!!! let me tell you. they even waded through the lake about 30 yards in their first outfit to get to my magical driftwood spot and then stripped down in front of boats passing by in order to make it all happen… this is not normal, people. and it’s not normal of me to ask for something like that. but when i do ask, and the answer is yes, for the most bizarre things, this is what you get. this result. but i will tell you… they are probably 5 times more responsible for these images than i am. i couldn’t have done any of it without their complete willingness and vulnerability.  i’m done gushing. this just happens to be one of my favorite shoots of my entire career. i hope whoever sees this is half as in love with it as i am. xoxo. keep finding me, my incredibly perfect clients. i’m ready for you.

ok part one, outfit one. chill. part two, outfit two, PASSION. wait for it.

04_engagementpics_03_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer03_engagementpics_02_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer01_engagementpics_01_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer07_img_8715-11bw_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographergood grief woman. those eyes.06_engagementpics_04_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer09_img_8715-17_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer10_img_8715-18_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer12_img_8715-24_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer13_engagementpics_08_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer14_engagementpics_10_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer15_engagementpics_07_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer16_105_img_8715bw_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer17_110_img_8715_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer18_engagementpics_13_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer20_engagementpics_12_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer22_img_8715-40_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographerlove the next 4 images of straight candid shots. the best :)24_img_8715-45_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer25_img_8715-46_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer26_img_8715-47_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer27_img_8715-50_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer28_img_8715-53_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer31_img_8715-66_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer32_img_8715-69_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographerjust splash each other. but don’t get her in the face ;). nick you’re awesome. you had to be the perfect combination of what i needed you to be and what janae knows you to be. i feel like you must have a lot of women in your family ;).33_engagementpics_19_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer34_engagementpics_18_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer36_engagementpics_20_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer37_engagementpics_22_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer38_img_8715-92_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer40_engagementpics_23_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer41_engagementpics_25_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer44_136_img_8715bw_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographer46_engagementpics_28_alison_kamper_photography_dayton_ohio_photographerthat was our last photo. i didn’t have anything left after that amazingness… i almost passed out in the water. and then i was like just kidding let’s keep going :)

  • I love all the shots in the water! You don’t see this very often but it’s an awesome idea! Congrats to Nick & Janae.ReplyCancel

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