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kenzie :)

ohhhh kenzie – you were a trip :).

so when i first meet people, i generally feel as if we are already friends – it’s just how i am. well it’s not every day that my clients feel the same! or at least they don’t act like it. it takes them a minute to warm up. usually they kinda look at me, size me up, figure me out. well with kenzie, her mom and her best friend, it was totally different. i had inside jokes and stories thrown at me from the first second. i was totally invited to the bff party :). but of course any time i hear “this is my bff”, i scoff – “pff! right.” i totally win that trophy. so the debate began – did kenzie and becky have the best relationship – no way dude. too young. not enough history. did kenzie’s mom and her best friend from birth win? “psh -yeah right!” like i was ever even going to see that as an option!  so who had the best of the best of best friends? me. um duh. i won. (in my own mind). deal with it – i have the bff’s of all bff’s and you’ll never take that trophy from me! lalalalalala i can’t hear you! ;)

i  wound up with one quote (i quote myself a lot cause i’m that cool) (omg if you think i’m serious, you don’t know me) and i’ve said it so many times since, that now it’s become a really annoying and nerdy habit: we were talking and the girls kept saying “jk” and “lol” and at one point they said something hilarious to kenzie’s mom – she was in shock and kenzie said “jk, lol” and i said “yeah jk lol, m.o.m.” -oh i’m so embarrassed. what am i, 12?

funniest moment? when kenzie was trying to be sexy on the hammock, pulled a “me” and fell off in one swift movement. i laughed like a dying seal. no seriously. i probably snorted too.


are. you. kidding. me.the “bff” becky (i still win) ;)

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