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kelli & brandon :)

this was a dream shoot for me. seriously. the light, the location, the couple, even the hint of a breeze…gah. perfection. i love working with couples in love. especially when they just so happen to own a house with a sweet old barn next to it. um YAY! not.too.shabby.

we started our session where brandon proposed :). in a tiny little park in yellow springs that had pretty much only one angle to offer where you wouldn’t see cars behind them – no joke – tiniest park ever, but the cutest little/perfect/romantic spot to stop, drop down on one knee, and propose to the woman of your dreams and to say yes to the man you knew you were supposed to be with. ok way too sappy – but seriously. loved. and loved that the tree in the middle of the park lost all it’s leaves and no one had messed them up yet. boom. yellow ground. first “pose”? um yeah, you’re laying on that. and after that pic, random note: dave chapelle drove by. yup. he lives here. oh hey what’s up dave. no big deal.

shutting up. love this shoot.

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