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jordan & robbie :)

i have to say first that i LOVE shooting with my husband!!! we are really starting to sync and get into a rhythm of shooting together. and his images are really starting to blow my mind. we’re like peanut butter and jelly. bam! a big gooey perfect little sandwich. second: HOLY SMOKES this couple. are you kidding me???? i knew the second i met jordan that we were going to mesh something ridiculous. and to top it off, her future hubs was JUST as cool. love love love you guys – thank you for SUCH  a fun shoot – it was SO incredibly cold and you braved it and just NAILED it. even when you didn’t know how our crazy posing instructions were ever going to create a cool image, you did it and laughed through it. xoxoxoxoxoxo we cannot WAAAAIT for your wedding!!!

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