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jim+christine=ben :)

christine, i adore you. but you already know that :). i’m pretty sure i’ve made it clear ;). jim, you’re so easy going it’s unreal. and ben, well i could eat you up. even when all you care about is trains and were completely distracted for most of our shoot. :) i still totally got your adorable little expressions. oh my gosh is he cute. and i couldn’t believe how much this little dude was talking!!! i haven’t photographed him in over a year, so it was REALLY fun seeing the changes in him. he still has the same face, but those WORDS! when he smelled some flowers and i asked him if they smelled like chocolate, or pickles, or whatever i could think of to blurt out, he said “no, they smell like wood chips!”. hysterical.

anyway, love love love these. love the fam. i sound like a broken record but i truly am blessed with the most amazing clients ever. xoxo

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