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it happened.

…that moment. when everything stops and hits you like a ton of beautiful bricks. THIS is what i’m supposed to be doing. no questions asked. (you know, when i’m not shooting everything else) :).

i went to high school with amanda years ago. i won’t even tell you how many. ok fine – 14 years ago. sorry amanda – i cannot lie ;). and now she lives in vegas and works as a model amongst other glamorous things and i am a photographer. obviously. well, we’ve talked about a shoot for over a year now and were finally in the same place at the same time :).  so voilà. we made it happen. the images you’ll see below were shot in our  (sarah williams’ and i’s) hotel room at the monte carlo in vegas a week ago. i was at the huge WPPI convention everyone’s been talking about. i listened to some amazing photographers speak like jose villa, jasmine star, and the boudoir divas (who, funny thing – have actually shot amanda a couple of times i think), made it out of the trade show alive, won jose villa’s book, hung out with two of my best photographer friends leslie savage and sarah williams, met some AMAZING new friends (angela richardson, sarah craig, meredith melody, becky yoder, janelle elise, and kelly kandle to name a few) and finally met my first real photographer hero bobbi sheridan (bobbi+mike) from when i first fell in love with photography. (here’s the pic to prove it!) needless to say it was incredible. i was on cloud 9 and in a sea of amazing talent, i for the first time felt like i had my own voice. i had something to offer. i felt ALIVE. not egotistical – i knew i was somewhere in the middle. i wasn’t the best and i wasn’t the worst and it no longer mattered. i was doing it. i was out there doing it. and LOVING IT. i’m literally shaking right now, writing this. i feel like this burst of energy is coming out of me right now like i took some kind of drug. i can’t wait to get home and get my studio going – what?? yes, studio. -not necessarily with lights though…you’ll see. i have SO MANY ideas. anyway, hear my enthusiasm, not cockiness. i recently heard a quote from sue bryce: “when you’re enthusiastic, you don’t need validation. you are simply in your joy”. well my lovelies, i am in my joy. and i feel like -(to quote sarah craig) :). and if that’s an actual website, don’t click on it. i have no idea where it’ll take you ;).

some of you may look at these and think oh dear god this woman is half naked!!! or oh right, like i could ever look like THAT. take a moment, sit back, and appreciate. because the lighting, the way that it falls on her skin, the way it makes her eyes pop right out at you – that’s not photoshop. i barely touched these. no joke. i’m so proud of these i can’t explain it. so be artsy and don’t judge. ;) it’s pg13. maybe even just pg :)

can i make you look like this? hellyes. can i make you look like her? no. but guess what? she’s a model and she had professional hair and makeup done – and because she’s a model,  i can show you these and i can show you a LOT. i have full permission :). in the past, this was not the case. i shot ‘for his eyes only’, so now, finally, i can show you what i can do. what YOU can do. what you can look like!!! what you can FEEL like!!! ask me about my boudoir sessions. boo-dwahhhhh -bordeaux ;), however you want to say it, just tell me you want sexy pics for your husband, boyfriend, significant other, or self. and we will make it happen. hair, makeup, the whole she-bang! this is happeningggggggggggg.

thanks to sarah williams -my incredible vegas roomie and photographer friend, who shot and posed amanda at the same time. we worked SO well together and fed off each other’s energy, each thinking of the next great pose. love you!

so without further adieux…

amanda. thanks for being sooo amazzzzzzing. seriously.

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