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Grace & Ca$h :)

Worth the read – (and I hate reading)…

I have been dying to work on these and at the same time, dreading posting them – only because I have no idea where to start. This new career of mine (yes it’s still kinda new) is going to take me on little journeys from time to time and I’m starting to realize that in full effect. & guess what? Because Grace and her mom Lisa are so open and so amazing, you get to go on this one with me :). So that I don’t screw it up, I’ll tell the story through Lisa’s words in one of the emails I received from her prior to shooting Grace’s senior portraits with her horse Ca$h:

“…Three years ago when she was taking a leisurely ride on her horse, he spooked and she came off. The lower half of her jaw was completely torn and shattered. She had an emergency 7 hour reconstruction surgery that night and was wired shut for 13 weeks after that. But instead of being angry and bitter and mad, this amazing girl (she was 14 at the time) became everything good that she could ever be. After feeling relatively invisible in the shadow of her two older sisters, God removed the scales from her eyes, and she saw for herself how immensely she was loved by Him and by all those around her, how she stood in the Light, and she said that was the moment that she “found her voice” for Him. She’s pretty special! The scars are there, but they have healed amazingly well, and there have been miracles surrounding that as well. Grace is completely comfortable in her skin and she is completely comfortable talking about what happened. I just wanted you to know about all these things ahead of time, so you wouldn’t be wondering about it.”
I then watched a video that Lisa had filmed and edited one morning of Grace with Ca$h and their wonderful bond. It had music to it and was sooo beautiful. I literally cried watching it. I was SOOOO moved and SOOOO honored to become a tiny part of Grace’s life and this incredible journey she is on. I was so anxious and nervous and so excited for this shoot and when it finally arrived, I was not disappointed. Lisa was unbelievably amazing and welcoming and we immediately hugged and Grace – well….she’s kind of perfect. Not only is she obviously gorgeous, but her spirit was so inviting and warm. I fell in love with the pair of them instantly. Ca$h however, kinda scared the crap out of me if I’m being totally honest. Hahaha :) Not so much at a distance, but up close and personal, horses in general are a bit intimidating – I’m not gonna lie! At one point, Lisa suggested I enter the stable WITH Ca$h and SHUT THE DOOR and then shoot Grace peeking in at him. So here I am standing behind him waiting for him to kick me right square in the baby bump ;). He didn’t. He’s an amazing horse and has the sweetest demeanor and even though he almost took my hand off cause I didn’t know how to feed him an apple correctly, I still totally love him ;).
Lisa filmed the entire shoot and is in the process of putting everything together – once she receives these images in the mail, she’ll be adding them to the movie. I cannot wait to see the final product!!! AND, she’s letting me put the video on the blog!!! So stay tuned for that post in the very near future. Thanks for reading all this :). It’s kind of a big deal :). ~Ali

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