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Corey+Lori = Cohen & Calder

oh my goodness – cohen and calder were all smiles from the get-go! :) thank goodness cause if their expressions were as blah as “my” barn was that day, we’d have some awful pics!!! i thought there’d be SOMETHING left on the trees but i was wrong – even the weeds were all flattened and yucky! oh well!!! this family was not concerned in the least :) we started off playing a little baseball to get the kiddos warmed up, plus it teaches them fairly quickly that when the camera is on them, they don’t necessarily have to look at it :) win win for me! lori, you ROCK for sitting on the ground in that dress & boots (i’m always afraid to ask!) and corey, bringing out the “b-b-b-b-busted” family joke was perfection :). even though my self-esteem took a hit (since calder thinks i’m “b-b-b-busted”), it was well worth the laughs and smiles ;) and oh wow – it was so cold, the inside of poor corey’s shirt was covered with snot – (i’m convinced this is the final test before you can officially be in the parents’ club). ;) note-to-self, keep tissues in camera bag…. oh and i have to say, rather than telling the kids to smile or yelling at them to smile – hey, it happens!, they helped DO things to make them smile :). i heart you for that!!!! thanks guys for a great shoot!!!!! oh and just out of curiosity, did cohen get “all the leggos in the whole world” for christmas?? :)

ornery little man :)

sorry – i had to! they were climbing the rock pile and i’m so immature i start laughing at this and snap it just in time :)
“so hey, uh could you maybe watch where you’re going??” hahaha

wish we got cohen’s face too, but i totally heart this picture!


this one cracks me up :)


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