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i know it’s been forever since my last post. i’m sorry!! if you’re a fan on facebook, you have seen lots of one pic previews and realize i’ve been quite the busy gal – from moving back to ohio after 3 months in san diego, to shooting non-stop, training hubby, being a mom, and opening my in-home boudoir studio (stay tuned – you’ll be seeing pics soon!!) – it’s been insane – insanely awesome of course! anyway i’m super thrilled to finally post a few approved sneak-peeks and it’s perfect timing really with the new studio – i am completely head-over-heels in love with boudoir photography. i love every type of client i photograph, but my boudoir client is special. she’s youthful or wise, gregarious or shy, single or married, and is confident or hates her body. maybe she’s had a few kids or hasn’t hit the gym in a few years. no matter what stage she is in or how she views herself, i have this strong sense of obligation to show her just how beautiful everyone around her thinks she is. right NOW. not after losing 10 pounds. she’s perfect NOW. to change her mind about her supposed flaws and to quiet that brain of hers that tells her she doesn’t look like those women in the magazines. the women in the magazines wear yoga pants to the grocery store too, without makeup, hair greasy and in a bun. they just aren’t photographed while doing so. it’s all a lie – so here’s to a new reality ladies! you’re smokin hot. you just gotta let me show you :)

here’s a few of my very best friend in the entire world¬†(we saved the rest for her hubby).¬†she has two beautiful children, wears yoga pants without makeup most days, and when they are covered in food from greasy little hands, she spruces herself up by putting on a clean pair of yoga pants. god love her – she’s stunning. tell me she doesn’t look like those women in the magazines.


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