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christin and jason – a beach boudoir session

the images you’re about to see are of my best friend of over 20 years & her husband who i truly call a brother.

i follow many photographers who inspire me far above what i feel i can reach with my own talent and it doesn’t make me envious. it makes me want to create more. for the first time, i was afforded the opportunity to reach further than i’d reached before, into my heart, mind and soul. i dreamed up a session that involved two people truly in love -in life, in general, and in the moment i was photographing them, so i knew i needed all the trust in the world. christin and jason fit all of the above. and they trusted me. so over the few weeks before i flew out to california, christin and i planned the wardrobe, the hair and makeup, the location, everything. and when the moment arrived, we all sunk right into it. we worked, we played, we made sure every shot i could think of was taken. i posed, i re-posed, i studied, and i absorbed the amazingness. i took my sweet time. i got my buttery light and my empty beach and everything i’d dreamed up.

and they got to capture their intimate art. and their love. i am so thrilled to have been able to do this for them. and for me :).



and if you know me, you know i have to end with this: 30 yards away from where we were shooting? picture this: naked guy jump roping. gotta love nude beaches.


location: blacks beach, san diego california

makeup credit: kasey johnson

  • Just saw this post.
    Beautiful photos.
    But your final sentence….Bhaha!! Dying! :)ReplyCancel

    • alison

      hey molly! omg it was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen on a shoot but i maintained professionalism (for the most part) ;). haha!ReplyCancel

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