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#7 of 7 shoots in San Diego!! :) i’ll write tomorrow! time for sleep!!!!! i KNOW you know how much i HEART youView full post »

Jason+Christin=Asher & Baby B :)

1 of 7 shoots in san diego without christin, i wouldn’t A) have a best friend of 18 years that i will adoreView full post »

chad+stacy=sam :)

i’ve been friends with stacey and chad for a few years now and have absolutely adored hanging out with them. i wasView full post »

norah :)

i’ll write tomorrow!! soooo sleepy!! plus these kinda speak for themselves :)View full post »

zach’s 6 month pics :)

we had an interesting little shoot :) there was a junior high dance party going on in this tiny little park but stillView full post »

more of brady!!

this CD already went out of course, but i couldn’t help myself! i had to post more once i really scoured all theView full post »

Brady is here!!!

these are a bit out of order but who cares. :) here he is!!! only 1 week old!!!! tiffany’s idea of putting bradyView full post »


welp. i cried editing these. iView full post »

Todd, Andrea, Luke, & Brooke

will write tomorrow….soooo sleepyView full post »