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i don’t think i’ve ever moved so fast in my life. this shoot was CRAZY!! keep in mind while you’re reading, that i schedule 2 hours before sunset and on this particular day the clouds were rolling in… all anna wanted was a couple shots downtown in a very specific location and then to do the rest in nature, so no big deal right? well first they were a little late – NO BIG DEAL – happens all the time – not trying to call them out on it ;). but thennnnn stupid CONSTRUCTION prevented us from getting to the spot – we could literally see each other’s cars off in the distance but couldn’t drive to each other. so me thinking i’d be super helpful, i decided to drive to where they were ( i knew the area better) and let them follow me to the spot using a different route. i thought said different route was a street or two over – but the whole flippin area was a detour!!!! it took me 15 minutes to get one street over!! i thought i was gonna lose it – so finally we get to our first spot. i don’t know why using apartment staircases always weirds me out but i feel like we need to shoot and run. well i’ve used this one before and no one’s been around – this time there were people just inside the window right next to poor anna. ACCA-AWKWARD! <yeah that just happened. then a black cat crossed our paths… you get the idea – it just all went wildly wrong. by the time we got to our nature spot, we were chasing light – the sun was just behind the trees and we were hauling butt. anna you laughed and smiled through the entire thing and i love love love your pics. thanks for going with the flow -and bringing your awesome friends- i think we kept each other positive! prob because we are both (cool) nerds – me with my hyper loudness and you with your duck face-which ended up our lighting check face. MWAH! thanks for being so much fun in light of the craziness! xoxoxo!!!

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