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about me

* i am addicted to starbucks* i adore my husband* my son melts me in an instant * <that was in no particular order so don’t think i love starbucks more than my men * i write in lower case and it really irritates me that my phone won’t let me *  it also hates my potty mouth* i cringe when i hear “fyi….” -i know there’s incoming unsolicited advice * 8 years ago i started taking pictures of people to fund my jewelry business. my jewelry business no longer exists :) * i’ve lived in ohio, tennessee and southern california and i daydream about living out of a van * i used to think i’d own a coffee shop / pottery store in paris * that’s around the time i died my hair purple and wrote ‘poetry’ on napkins * squirrels freak me out * i use my boots as a purse – you never know what i might pull out of them * i have a best friend of 25 years i think i’m the luckiest for having someone tolerate my crap for that long * i love that spray paint can magically transform anything * my favorite color is metallic. i realize that’s not a color… * i hate reading – if it’s a good enough book, they’ll make a 2 hour movie out of it *if i could do anything else, i’d be a professional dancer * i generally think weeds are prettier than flowers – i wonder what a shrink would say about that ;) * i wish i could be friends with pretty much everyone i meet * i hate lingering too long in the first stage of friendship – i get right down to the good stuff because being fake makes me cringe * i talk too much and it makes me nervous when people are quiet, so i start saying dumb random things so that at least someone is talking * i’m overly apologetic but it’s because i want everyone around me to be happy * i think coffee tastes better in a pretty mug * my favorite movie is pride and prejudice, hands down * i took gymnastics as a kid cause i was a clutz. it didn’t work :) * i want to learn to play the piano * i love my life * all in all, i’m really just a big nerd :)

*my family photos taken by the soulful olivegrayphotography


my better half mike is no longer photographing anything unless it’s personal ;) he up and started a videography company a few years ago: (with a K) and i film right alongside him. we are in love with filming weddings and everything else. the difference between a photograph and a film is unreal. it’s the full moment. the full laugh… and you add in the natural audio? LOVE. below is mike’s bio. :)

I quit my job in 2011 to work with Alison. People ask what it’s like to work with your wife and I think they’re surprised that we do really well being together hours at a time filming a wedding or working in the same room.  But we’ve always been good like that – we compliment each other. We both love to travel – the spontaneous kind with no agenda, we love to try new things. We both enjoy the journey.

I read books and take classes for fun. I once found a guy building his own home and asked him if I could help just to learn how. I love to create – with paint and canvas, with a hammer, with food, with a pen and paper.  I spent a year in Korea working, traveling, and taking pictures.  Working with Alison has increased my photography skills tremendously. She has a talent – not just for taking a photo, but for bringing out the personality of the subject.  It’s really cool to watch.

I was born in PA, raised in OH, and fortunate to spend a few years bouncing around the states (and the globe).  I went to four different colleges before I finally graduated with a business degree and came back to OH.  That’s where I met Alison.

Not working the 9-5 took some adjusting – it was really weird at first. But our
business meshes with how we think and live.  It’s so interesting and different every day. And the people we meet and work with because of it are amazing.

if you’re still reading this, i’ll be surprised, but i’ll take it as a compliment ;). a little update on us: we just started a travel blog and i’m a little behind in updating it. (way behind- but i’ll get there).  if you’ve got a little sickness called wanderlust, follow along with us :). we caught it, and it’s taken over our brains. 



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