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Aaron+Lauren=Ryker :)

i almost stepped in cat poop. (do i have your attention now?) ;). seriously though, i show up, lauren meets me outside and i step up onto the porch, thankfully i stop for a second – thinking i forgot something- and say “oh crap” and she’s like “is that CRAP???!!!” i’m like “huh?” and i look down and there is a giant load of cat crap one step in front of me :). hilarious :). so that’s how we met. and i always know a good friend when the first thing we talk about is poop :).  it’s like you skip over talking about the weather etc. (1st level friendship stuff) and move right along to the good stuff. ok enough about that! lauren wasn’t “ready” for pictures. i told her she was. (and she was). i wish MY “not ready” looked that good. and i’m so glad i didn’t listen to her because i just LOVE the pics of her and ryker :). aaron was camera-shy but i am good at bossing people around so he gave me a good 15 minutes which i took full advantage of ;) and then i released him from my grubby paws so he could run away ;). but howwwww precious are the ones of he & ryker??? i asked nothing more from him than for him to play with his son the way he would if i weren’t there, so he nuzzled him :). loooove. ryker looks happy and alert in most of these but in fact he was not super happy that day – so we shot here and there and he fed and was changed and then he pooped on mom…you know, the usual. but we got it! you’d never know from the results :). thanks you two for inviting me into your home so soon after little man was born. it’s a very special and exhausting time, so as always, it’s an honor :).
btw, almost all of these are black and white because darn it, i just liked them better that way!! and it’s my blog. so there. :P

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