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8 seniors from last year! :)

oh i loved each and every one of these sessions -including the one where i risked my life for the staircase shot -(paige!), the creepy session with nicole where weird stuff kept happening like dying birds falling from the sky and flopping around in front of us-ok it was only one bird, but still. creepy!!! and kaitlynne OMG I WILL NEVER FORGET getting in SOOOOO much trouble for trespassing – whoopsie! sorry your property is freaking awesome and there’s only a tiny little rope stopping me ;) -one of these days the 3 of us will laugh about it again over guacamole :). i’ve almost called a few times but it was too last minute ;). and speaking of laughing, i laughed so much with mel too – you sweet beautiful girl i just adore you. seriously though, girls you are all amazing and unique and beautiful – i love you!!!!!! and jacob – the lone ranger – thanks for trusting me to not make you look like an idiot – i loved our session too!!!! it was SOOOO fun looking back through all these photos – i wish i had enough time to blog each one separately  :(.  it’s crazy too, to see how much my editing has changed since last year but it’s AWESOME to post these now because i have several seniors coming up and i’m getting super duper PUMPED! XOXOXOXOXOXO FOREVER. ~ali


paige :)

and sis morgan :)

jacob :) -i won’t write your name in pink ;)

and girlfriend andrea

mel :)

samantha :) xoxo!

christina :) SMOOCH! i still love love love my owl ring you ladies sent – thank you!!!

kaitlynne :)

sara :) i heart you!

nicole :)

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