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26 families = BLOGGED.

ok here goes nothing. i am so far behind in blogging that i will literally never catch up. so while it pains me IMMENSELY, i am batch-blogging by category. i think these are all the families i did not blog last year. i still have other categories, so be patient (not like you’ve been holding your breath or anything). but seriously i hate hate hate that i have to do it this way because i fell in love with each and every single family – the easy breezy ones, the ones with kids running around all crazy, and the ones right in between. i love each and every single one, because when you spend time like this, in an intimate setting, you get to peek into their lives and become a part of it -and they become a part of you. so hear me when i say i’m sorry, and hear me when i say PHEW! FINALLY GOT TO POST just a snippet of the amazingness!!!! more categories soon!!!!

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO thank you for everything!!!

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