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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Randall+Tiffany=Ethan & Madison :)

i am way too comfortable with this family :). i think that’s a good thing though. i can not see them for anView full post »

SAN DIEGO for 3 months!

we are living in san diego for a couple of months, working from a studio apartment in pacific beach :). it’s tooView full post »

Justin+Allison=Grace, Madelyn & Noah :)

while i love this family, i’m not gonna lie – even they would admit it was a disaster :). like emergencyView full post »

Steffan+Christy=Eliza and Scarlet :)

i was in shock this entire shoot – i kept looking around like movie producers were staging something – wasView full post »

Mike+Gina=Roman :)

with a kid named roman, where else would we go but little italy??? :) no seriously though i fell in love with thisView full post »

Rob+Misty=Finn :)

these people know i love them. i don’t have to say anything else ;). oh, except holy smokes finn was on the RUN!View full post »


it’s SO crazy revisiting these images since now i live only a few blocks north of this location :). i walk downView full post »

chris+robin=jaclyn :)

so this is one of those families where i just kind of point to a spot and go “do your thing”. no joke. iView full post »

sean+diora=cade :)

margaritas!!!! it’s happening! i can’t believe i’m back in san diego almost 5 months later andView full post »

new blog! :)

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!View full post »

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